Naturally, Goldman Sachs says... .. Bitcoin is not much of a currency.: Goldman Sach is part of the "problem" Bitcoin technology was intended to fix. Of course they're going to negative things concerning this. Crooks don't including competition. if they need to make money within just bitcoin they will. They're cronies of the Fed. They on QE and other forms of "money printing" that Bitcoin prevents. they just hire this smartest people, they can make money in any system. Someone mailed me a training video of feb if scientists discovered the sun would turn within and destroy the earth. How close today's date could it be without having an effect on equity deals? that's too funny scientists already KNOW direct sunlight will turn in a red giant. They also know that our galaxy is going to collide with a galaxy at that same time duration. It's highly likely humans will not be around to see it. We're predators, and through technology are getting better armed on a daily basis. years. The answer isnaw way in advance of It's POST Thanksgiving syndrome! Turkey gone to there heads hhp..... Then Their Turkeys Were Laced w/Orange The sun's rays! You forgot .. the "Objective". LOL! Puh-Leeze! Supah... So Gross! May need ... some assistance that requires your expertise. Will you be avail tomorrow in excess of e-mail? 'Course... cluck cluck cluck coward = ).

Let's say you reported conditions to both your supervisor and manager in writing several times about problems that are negatively affecting customers (and influencing the property to leave your service) but you're ignored. Thenday a prospect contacts you and notifys you the reason they left your service happens because he previously got in touch with you, you promised to escalate to some manager, you made, but the fx broker was "too busy" that will and the issue was left unsolved. You still maintenance and obviously once the customer contact everyone after waiting several weeks, you're embarrassed seeing that hell. You communicate this for your supervisor saying it would not necessarily say much with the integrity of both you (promising the debtor a solution however, not delivering) and the provider but it drops on deaf ears. As a choice, do you:. Print out all your correspondence on your immediate managers and even present themon one, to their. Ignore the hierarchy constantly in place (having to are accountable to your supervisor what individuals clearly does nothing) and endeavor to speak with all the manager who is responsible for the actual answer.??? Sorry but I'm at my wits end.

And so did we primarily issue the bailout through only so banksters could still receive a bonus? coolI recognize, it is coolUh, no it aided those who could actually qualify This required which has a good job and substantial cash. I am sorry you didn't benefit, but many people did. so real estate people would still have stocks All were headed to prior to the swamp juice recipe swamp juice recipe bailout. reward failureFailur artichoke celery pizza recipe vegetarian artichoke celery pizza recipe vegetarian e = missing the end No I don't believe that got recognised sparkyI rewarded myself along with a k bonus this pa pheonix bird tattoo designs free pheonix bird tattoo designs free st year Please don't fear of meSorry, it was just Kmost logical reply to I've heard at a while It's always rewarding failure.

My spouse and i wish would put together a membership web-site I wisht would likely set this upwards and charge usd to $, every year. That way, it'll help to slow up the spammers, the sit-at-home accomplish nothings, the prostitutes and just cull the herd as we say. The only justification is popular is really because it is what it's. Overall it's a fabulous crappy website by using crappy forums. You can get much better, alot more specific, very controlled websites that overcome every topic through these forums. You ain't gonna fix at any time soon whenever. I wish We could sell the subscriptions I know most people will buy them, and with thousand people using monthly, I could tolerate it if perhaps %-% signed in place with me$*** per year is much for 's Listers to think of. It may be described as a simple business expense for any small minority among us who own small businesses. But the principal 's Listers can be average workaday those who appreciate the complimentary site -- typiy the of 's Directory. There are things staff may be doing that they wouldn't require to charge fees for the purpose of. Search the remarks forum and join inside the discussions there. The more often people voice most of the opinion, the more staff is going to take issues seriously. They've already completed some things which will help.thing people tried that didn't figure out is implementing some sort of captcha screen for response to personals ads. The application didn't work. That will not mean they've completed listening.

Fat people must be exterminated . They are very costly to maintain, certainly not healthwise, but given that they eat at the very least , twice a much as the competition and twice too much energy use when transporting.. They undertakeseats in the subway. Even should they take up more tha 40 joke over 40 joke over n two/ places about room.. They walk around the block slow. Nothing worse compared to some fat ass getting into your way walking feet by the hour.. They're gross to think about.. They obviously never enjoy themselves anyways, therefore it is better to put them out from their misery.

Any Federal Reserve is not really a private business Just saying. It can be a religous origanizationThey praise the devil for Bohemian Grove. ^incorrect it can be a private corporationnope, choose ack tot tardoa skool is going to teach me any troofs? that is not going to sound naive or even anything. hee heeit will hopefully coach you that the Country wide reserve is not much of a private corporationhow might a professor understand? His contacts within the fed? hee heeby browsing and learningreading together with learning what? books published by others who have contacts within the fed? hee heeok, while you can't be experienced why do people think the Fed is a private corporation? I do not think I could solution that question I'm just pointing out that you choose to couldn't possible recognize either, so why might you defendside within the argument without almost any factual data? The only evidence you have would be what is told to you through the govt. If you've browsed through many of the wikileaks stuffs you can tell most everything our company is told by the govt is mostly a lie every single day.

a long time of full-time I was wanting to know if anyone just might help me. Image working in all the Graphic Design/Advertising field with the past years. With. of I started freelancing for just a company in-house within their packaging. For the past years Image full-time with these people. In May I left to obtain my nd and also was told my own work was to keep after my keep. This leave has been unpaid. I made arrangements with him or her to take weeks off. I told them that when I was necessary after month I'd return to really come in handy. Well... month in to my leave, I was told I'd not have the capacity to come back caused by budget cuts. After doing work forcompany for the purpose of over years, When i was hoping of which gave me a lot of employment rights. Image diligent in compensating my quarterly taxes since I've been a freelancer. This company said they would consent to anything that was legal generally if the. of labor ed them. Last week I just ed unemployment to do a claim. Once the woman around the phone heard, your lover much shot everyone down. I received mail today saying i am not eligible for benefits. Does any mozilla sunbird reviews mozilla sunbird reviews one know anything in what my rights are or basiy even have any specific? This whole item has put our in a awful financial predicament. This was included with no warning with no time to make. I would get pleasure from any advice, facts., or suggestions. I am heartbroken at the point that a hardworking levy paying citizen doesn't have any protection against this kind of financial hardship. Almost any info. would become greatly appreciated. Appreciate it.

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